Boarding Release



Please read and sign this boarding release and inform me in writing at the bottom of this form anything I need to know about your dogs’ health, structure and behavior. An up-to date Rabies certificate along with this release is a required for admission. Please bring them with you when you board!

Thanks, Suzanne (Sooz)Warfield


At Willowood I strive to create a completely different alternative to other boarding facilities that keep your dog either crated all day with limited opportunities to be outside or confined inside a wire indoor/outdoor environment.

I believe in 3 to 4 country activities daily which involve walks through pastures and wooded areas, fetch and Frisbee. I do everything in my power to ensure safe outdoor areas and competent indoor sleeping crates and enclosures for nighttime and naps. I try my best to keep your pet safe sound and healthy in all ways I can. Because my facility is based on natural settings certain risks may prevail.

I have no control over insect bites, stings, scratches or injuries that may happen during playtime in the fields or on daily walks. This is a camp for dogs to run and explore, snooze in the shade, or walk in the snow. It is good for their minds, their bodies and their souls. Of course the activities are designed for the age and breed of the dogs. I think of many ways to protect them the best I can from injury, bites, scratches and digestive upsets. I have no control over airborne virus or age related illness as in the very old or infirmed. I will immediately evaluate and treat any wounds or upsets and contact your vet or mine if the need ever arise. If you do NOT have a veterinarian, and your dog becomes ill during his /her stay at Willowood , I reserve the right to transport your dog to an emergency veterinary hospital and all  service costs and /or medications will be the sole responsibility of the dogs owner. No exceptions.

Therefore, the owners must consider these risks before boarding their dogs here with me at Willowood and will not hold Willowood or myself, Suzanne Warfield, responsible for injury sickness, loss or death of their pet.

I have had enormous success in my vision here and the overwhelming majority of dogs that leave happy and relaxed are testimony that this process is beneficial to all concerned.

Your pet is precious to me. You have my word that I will give the very best care I possible can. However, unduly aggressive dogs towards myself, my staff or other dogs will be asked to leave and will not be invited back. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding the activities at Willowood prior to your stay here to ease your mind. Dogs with socialization issues must be pre-evaluated before their stay.

Puppies under one year of age must be examined and established with a vetrinarian and have a clean bill of health including fecal results and full vaccination disclousure including Rabies. 

Willowood reserves the right to relinquish dogs to an animal control shelter that are here 10 days after their boarding pick up time, with no owner contact during that time. In the rare case of vacation delays, sickness, death and other owner issues, please have an emergency contact call me immediately 570-754-7398 with instructions.

Also, you must understand that any damage that your dog may do while he is staying here, such as tearing up my bedding, damaging the fences or kennels, or chewing up my floors or equipment will be charged to you. Furthermore, if you need me to feed your dog from my stock of food, there will be an additional $2.00 per day charge.



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